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    We have developed this simple form to assist information flow regarding new opportunities with our company and speed the process for everyone.

    We are interested and committed to working with other organizations while observing the highest levels of professional conduct, in light of the core values of Trust, Integrity, Honesty and Respect.

    Accordingly, we seek relationships with organizations which:

    • Seek to outperform its competition fairly and honestly through superior performance.
    • Avoid, identify, manage and disclose real or perceived conflicts of interest
    • Preserve confidentiality at all times
    • Speak plainly and are true to their word
    • Treat others with dignity and respect
    • Never knowingly mislead or deceive others
    • Respect the intellectual property rights of others
    • Follow both the letter and spirit of laws
    • Maintain accurate book and records

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    In this section we would like to learn about your company's mission and future growth plans. Please limit your answers to around 100 words.