About Us

VTNGLOBAL, INC. helps e-commerce, m-commerce and Telecom companies to deploy services faster by leveraging on our deep connectivity, license and relationships with stake holders.

Our mobile platform is a high-volume, high-speed mobile and ecommerce transaction software solution for internet businesses and telcos . Our solution allows operators to reach customers through existing mobile operator networks, web and Internet channels and mobile devices. The platform is telco agnostic and can run as close loop platform utilising agent networks.

We have over 17 years experience In-house providing software licensing services for Fintech Companies deploying mobile topup, and other e-commerce services. We are accustomed to the challenges that are present, and have deep experience overcoming obstacles and developing practical and profitable solutions.

Our primary focus is Mobile/Web Payment Infrastructure licensing and deployment to providers, institutions, private providers and mobile carriers.

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In News

VTNGlobal celebrates 10 years of service powering e-commerce and m-commerce for global brands.